Food Delivery Flutter + PHP Laravel Admin Panel v2.6.0

Food Delivery Flutter + PHP Laravel Admin Panel Free Download

An app that allows you to order food from multiple restaurants at once is available. This is an all-in-one solution for launching a food delivery app from start to finish. Customers can order food directly from the app, while restaurant owners can use the admin panel to accept or manage orders and grow their business. Those who desire to build a meal delivery app business can benefit from this option.

There is an open source framework for mobile application development called Flutter, which was built by Google. Apps may be created for Android and iOS devices using this framework.

Customers can order food from a variety of restaurants using the product’s built-in restaurant directory. A variety of culinary options are available at each restaurant.

Using a Google Map, end-users may see all of the eateries in their area and get directions to get there. Any nearby restaurants that deliver to the customer’s location will be displayed, as well as all the food products that can be ordered.

It is extremely simple and convenient to rebrand the app and alter the app’s look and feel to suit your requirements. You have the option of launching an app under your own name. The app’s color theme, logos, and icons may all be changed with no effort.
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