iRestora PLUS – Next Gen Restaurant POS Version: v4.0

iRestora PLUS – Next Gen Restaurant POS Version: v4.0

Restora PLUS is an eatery POS programming uniquely having Smart Inventory System that helps an eatery proprietor to shield his stock from taking or abusing. This programming is uniquely intended for eatery by keeping RESTAURANT NEEDS in mind.

iRestora PLUS understands that:

1. You need to protect your inventory from stealing or misusing to prevent loss
2. Your customer orders first then eats and then pays
3. Your customer may e modify his order in the middle of eating/processing
4. When an order is modified, your kitchen needs to know only modified items
5. You need to prevent modifying order that is under process or done
6. Your customer may ask about order progress and you need to know & answer
him quickly
7. Sometime waste happens and those needs to be considered as loss and deduct
from stock
8. You may have Bar along with your Kitchen
9. You purchase in due sometime and pay frequently to your supplier
10. You need to y place an order very quickly , less time it takes, more customers
you serve
11. You need to have some S easy facility to switch to iRestora PLUS from your
legacy software
12. You may like to send SMS on your customer’s birthday or marriage
13. You may collect pre-payment or post-payment from your customer
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