Laravel Nova – Administration Panel For Laravel v3.23.2

Laravel Nova – Administration Panel For Laravel v3.23.2

Nova is a perfectly planned organization board for Laravel. Painstakingly created by the makers of Laravel to make you the most gainful designer in the universe. Arrange your whole Nova dashboard with basic PHP code. None of your Nova arrangement is put away in the data set. Easy to arrange. Effortless to convey.

It’s a breeze to add a Nova organization board to a current Laravel application without contacting your Eloquent models. In the wake of designing a Nova asset for each model, you’re prepared for lift off. Nova is a smooth, single-page application worked with Laravel and Vue.js. It’s however smooth as silk and composing custom parts seems to be a snap.

Nova gives a full CRUD interface to your Eloquent models. Each sort of Eloquent relationship is completely upheld. Need to alter the rotate information on your polymorphic many-to-numerous relationship? We have you covered. Activities are PHP undertakings that you can run against an asset or clump of assets. Have an activity that takes some time? Don’t sweat it, Nova’s lined activities will keep your organization board feeling smart.
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