1. Before requesting a resource  or scripts, go to the search and write resource you want find out!
  2. RESEARCH the resource that you want to request BEFORE requesting it! Also, DON’T request the following::
    • Don’t request CRACK SOFTWARE!
    • Don’t request any Adult script or Resource!*
    • Don’t request Resource that are already free!
    • Don’t request software whatsoever!
  3. You are only allowed to request ONE per day! (A request counts if it’s an upload, update, or re-upload).
  4. Go to the Contact page to send us resource if you want to upload here! When you share a Resource, DON’T upload files with malware!
  5. You ARE allowed to request Resource if need to be Nulled!
  6. Read the comment when you get a chance! You never know what you might find there! Also, don’t spam or advertise other websites! You will get banned by IP if a we finds out!


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