WordPress Store Locator Plugin v2.0.15

WordPress Store Locator Plugin v2.0.15

Did you realize that almost 45% of income stays in neighborhood stores? Utilize this as a benefit and add a store finder your item pages. With our WordPress Store Locator Plugin you can offer your Customers the chance to purchase your items in a neighborhood store! Show the store finder on your item page or implant it on a seller finder page and increment your deals!

Store Locator Features

  • More than 10 possible layouts
  • More than 90 options
  • Open Store Locator in Modal
  • Excel (.xls) import / export functionality
  • Add Store Locator to any Page via Shortcode: [wordpress_store_locator]
  • Auto Gelocation (via HTML5)
  • Set Default Position, Map Type and Zoom
  • Set a Distance Unit
  • Set a default Radius
  • Set default Icons
  • Customize the Infowindow
  • Customize the Result List (Maximum results, result item icon, position of the result List)
  • Customize the Search Box (Auto Locate the users position, save in cookie or enable Autocompletion)
  • Customize the Loading Screen (icon, color, transparency)
  • Check what Data and what Call to Actions (CTA) you want to display
  • Set Defaults for new Stores
  • Multilingual
  • Well Documentented
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