Zapp Proxy Server Plugin for WordPress 1.1.3

Zapp Proxy Server Plugin for WordPress Free Download Nulled

This plugin will not force you to use a proxy on your entire WordPress site! Your server can now be used as a proxy server with this software. Using links in the form of a hyperlink: The PROXIED URL will see your IP address as your server’s IP address, even if you are viewing the web page from PROXIED URL.

As a WordPress user, you can use Zapp Proxy Server Plugin to establish your own personal proxy server.

Using our simple and intuitive approach, you can simply install the plugin to build a proxy server. Immediately after installation, your website can be used as a proxy server.

You can use this plugin for what?

  • It’s a good idea to set up a private proxy server on your WordPress server
  • Users can now submit URLs to be proxied by adding the [zapp-display-input] to the [zapp-display-input]. a video demonstration of the process
  • To keep the plugin’s features from being accessed by anybody but the developer, create API keys.
  • The URLs that can or cannot be visited through the custom proxy server might be blacklisted or whitelisted.
  • CORS should be enabled (cross-origin resource sharing)
  • Make sure to enable caching for all the resources that your visitors access, so that a copy of the page can be saved for future reference.
  • External proxies might be used instead of the IP address of your server.
  • Change the User Agent that is displayed when a user visits a website he or she is logged into.
  • Proxied pages should not be crawled by search engines.
  • With this plugin, you’ll get lifetime updates and support as well as responsive design and translations. It also has no speed impact and lifetime updates.

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